What’s it all about?

I set up this site some years ago, initially as a resource for myself: as I learned about more kitchen brands, manufacturers and retailers – hundreds of them, eventually -, I stashed that information here for easy reference.

I also wanted to redress an imbalance, where the site best known for comparing kitchens in the UK seemed to have a close relationship with one particular retailer.

Both functions became somewhat redundant. On the one hand, I wasn’t referring to most of the information very often myself: how often does anyone need to look up a manufacturer defunct for twenty years? On the other hand, I was getting e-mails all the time either asking how to get new runners, or asking whether people should buy one or the other brand.

For the record, my answer to the latter question’s nearly always the same. There aren’t many rubbish kitchens left in the UK marketplace, but there’s still variety. Always check what you’re told – salespeople and even their employers, not to put too fine a point on it, tell lies -, but, also, take into account the people you’re dealing with. Especially where large values are involved, we’re persuaded more easily by the thousands of pounds we can save (allegedly) than by whether the “designer” seems to have any idea what he or she is doing.

Anyway, with the site’s original purposes not required so much anymore, but with a good name, I decided to do this with it instead: to keep an eye on whatever the major retailers are doing – with product and with price -, and to comment on whatever I like to in the industry.

Two things I’ll add, because of my experience with the earlier version of the site. If I hint – or even say – that a retailer or a salesperson tells lies, then, yes, of course I’ve got proof; and, no, you shouldn’t base any decision to spend money on anything I’ve said. Do your own thinking.

Me? I had ten successful years in department stores around London, before switching to fitted kitchens (and the occasional bedroom or bathroom). Since the late 1990s, I’ve worked with every major UK kitchen brand, and a selection of German and Austrian brands, too.

Feel free to Contact Me for anything, really. Unless you’re a spammer, in which case, whatever you’re selling, I’ve got one, thanks.

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