There are thousands of kitchens out there. We’ve gathered the specifications of all the retailers¬†and trade outlets we consider national in scale, and of all the brands each sells. The best-known kitchen comparison site compares six; somehow, mostly in the same shops, we’ve found nineteen.

We’ve included the manufacturers or distributors of those brands, making it easier to see who’s offering the same kitchens under different names, and who genuinely has something different. You might be surprised: some independents sell flat packs, some DIY chains sell German kitchens, and most kitchens are not available at Trade discounts (whatever your builder says). Guarantees are worth looking at closely: what use is a kitchen guarantee which doesn’t include the doors?

We haven’t compared prices, which, we believe, don’t vary much like-for-like. We haven’t compared payment terms, service, or external endorsements like FSC and FIRA. We compare kitchens (the clue’s in the name).

Click on the thumbnail to view our Grid. You can even print and take it shopping with you!