Strictly, trade outlets like Benchmarx and Howdens might not be shops; but they are places where many people can buy kitchens. Trade sales are only accessible by businesses, like builders. One might assume that buying trade means buying straight from the manufacturer, but most trade outlets aren’t manufacturers (while some retailers are); and most kitchen retailers don’t offer trade discounts.

Most kitchen shops, trade or retail, are not manufacturers: B&Q, Benchmarx, Homebase, John Lewis, and Wickes don’t make kitchens, and even Magnet seems to be a packager these days, rather than a manufacturer. On the other hand, Howdens and Wren each makes at least some of the kitchens it sells.

We have included here trade chains, which will sell to small customers, albeit not the general public; contract suppliers, who sell only to developers, hospitals, and the like, we’ve left under manufacturers. Those who both manufacture and sell retail or small trade – like the aforementioned Howdens and Wren – appear here and under manufacturers.

Several shops, including the largest chains, buy at least some of their kitchens from the same places, but sell them under different brands and style names.