What are they up to now? 01/02/2020

Once already this year, we’ve seen Magnet urge us to hurry, because “these offers end” Saturday – only to carry on with their Sale, with the main offers not ended at all.

Apparently “these offers end” again today. But will they really? Or is this yet another example of “hurry up and buy, before the price stays the same”?

We’ve seen Wren open until 10pm twice this year, because “selected offers” had to end. The permanent half-price offer, and most of the little offers too, didn’t end at all. Apparently the same thing happens for the third time next Wednesday: hurry up and buy, before the price stays the same!

Wickes actually did end half-price kitchens when they said they would. Installation went half-price instead. That ends on Monday, after which my bet is the kitchens will be half-price again, just like they were a month ago. It’s the same money, moving in circles, just like a shell game.

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