What are they up to now? 07/02/2020

At the start of this week, Magnet urged everyone to hurry up and buy their kitchens before missing out, and then, immediately after the deadline… made their kitchens CHEAPER.


Then Wickes switched from half-price installation to a third off kitchens: same money, different column. The usual.

On Wednesday night, Wren stayed open until 10pm AGAIN, to make sure nobody missed out, because “selected offers” had to end (for the third time this year). After that deadline, kitchens are still half-price (as they always have been), and there’s still a blizzard of extras around them, so no discernible change. Again.

Hurry up and buy, before the price stays the same! Again.

What are they up to now? 04/02/2020

I was wrong.

I anticipated that as soon as Wickes ended its half-price installation offer, it would revert to the half-price kitchens offer which preceded it; swings and roundabouts.

They haven’t. Kitchens are a third off, plus other bits and pieces. Whether that’s better or worse than the previous offer, or the one before that a month ago, it’s impossible to calculate…

What are they up to now? 03/02/2020

I was going to wait until mid-week, for the other sheds to “end” their offers yet again – but this one deserves its own mention.

On Saturday, Magnet warned us that we’d have to hurry, because “these offers end” that very night. It was the second time already this year, and the first time, “these offers” didn’t end.

The main offer, half-price kitchens, hasn’t ended this time either – but, in fact, there are more offers than there were before the offer “ended”. The price of a Magnet kitchen has actually gone down”!

We’ll have to hurry, though, because “these offers end” yet again on the 15th.

Or, yet again, not.

What are they up to now? 01/02/2020

Once already this year, we’ve seen Magnet urge us to hurry, because “these offers end” Saturday – only to carry on with their Sale, with the main offers not ended at all.

Apparently “these offers end” again today. But will they really? Or is this yet another example of “hurry up and buy, before the price stays the same”?

We’ve seen Wren open until 10pm twice this year, because “selected offers” had to end. The permanent half-price offer, and most of the little offers too, didn’t end at all. Apparently the same thing happens for the third time next Wednesday: hurry up and buy, before the price stays the same!

Wickes actually did end half-price kitchens when they said they would. Installation went half-price instead. That ends on Monday, after which my bet is the kitchens will be half-price again, just like they were a month ago. It’s the same money, moving in circles, just like a shell game.

What are they up to now? 23/01/2020

Wren ended another don’t-miss-out offer last night. They even stayed open until 10 at night again, to make sure that nobody missed out.

Judging by the offers advertised, nobody missed out. Screenshots below are before the fantastic offers ended, and after. Spot the difference.

Magnet and Wickes don’t seem to be advertising end dates for their Winter Sales: the Sale goes on forever, which does seem to be the truth. Right now, Wren is the only one still trying to make us think we’ll lose a lot of money if we don’t buy RIGHT NOW. That’s not true.

Hurry up and buy, before the price stays the same!

What are they up to now? 11/01/2020

Completing the set: we saw a few days ago how Magnet said “these offers” were going to end, but most of them didn’t, and we saw how Wickes said theirs had to end – and they did.

Wren said “selected offers” were ending on Wednesday, and they stayed open until 10PM so that nobody would miss out.

So what ended? I mean, there’s money off everything, as always, but which offers were available before Wednesday and aren’t now? If anything, there are more.

Hurry up and buy, before the price stays the same.

What are they up to now? 04/01/2020

At Wren, selected offers end Wednesday. Which ones? The link doesn’t say. Yes, they really do stay open until 10pm that night – in case there’s a queue.

At Wickes, as we know already, half price ends Monday. Will they be full price on Tuesday?

Homebase’s Wren-model multibuy discount means the offer doesn’t have to end, but they’ve chucked in a ton:

At Magnet, “these offers” end today – but only one shows an end date. What will happen tomorrow?

What are they up to now? 27/12/2019

It’s that time of year again. Everybody’s having the biggest ever kitchens sale – again.

Actually, B&Q isn’t. A few years ago, B&Q stopped playing the see-saw game, doubling prices in order to have a half-price Sale. It hurt them in the short term, and – given the changes they’ve made since then – perhaps in the long term, too, but it was the right thing to do. They have launched their new GoodHome Caraway carcase this year – an 18mm flat-pack -, and that seems to be the core of their EDLP (Every Day Low Price) offer this Winter, along with up to five years’ interest-free credit.

Homebase has been through some shinola in the last few years, too, and feels like it’s still re-building its kitchens offering. In terms of promotion, it’s copying Wre – I mean, by coincid – well, anyway, it’s using the same reasoning as other retailers to support a seemingly-permanent half-price claim, plus another bit, plus another bit. Several kinds of finance are on offer, including up to five years’ IFC, depending on how much you spend.

Magnet’s Winter Sale is as unique as everybody else’s: half price when you buy five units or more, plus a bit, plus a bit, and a raffle. Finance offers include BNPL and up to five years’ IFC.

Wickes are taking a different approach. No, not really. Well, perhaps a little. They’re sticking with the traditional approach to half-pricing – they put the price up first -, rather than the Wren-led “five-units-or-more”; and they’re promoting an offer end (what will happen after the 6th?), and a “price promise” more prominently than the others so far. Interestingly, the offer is on their Showroom kitchens (which are not stocked, but to order), and one of the price-matching requirements is that the competitor’s product be in stock. Seems fair.

This may shock: at Wren, when you buy five or more kitchen units, they’re half price! This is as true in their Winter Sale as it was before it. Interest-free credit is up to seven years. Wren is, I think, still the only national retailer attaching a £200 value to its free design service: this used to be because John Lewis charged (nobody else did, or does).